Who is Terrell K. Flautt?

Welcome to Terrell Flautt's corner of the interwebs!

Welcome to my corner of the interwebs and thanks for checking it out!

My name is Terrell Flautt and I am obsessed with internet marketing, social media, web design, development, and video/audio production. This is what I have been doing with my life off and on since I was a teenager and over the past 6 years I have honed my craft and turned my passions into a bit of a business.

People always say it must be nice to work for yourself which, to be honest is not to shabby because it does give me the freedom to pick and choose what I get to spend my time working on. However, I don’t really consider it “working for myself” its more like “working for the client”, in my mind.

If you are interested in taking me up on my services then please check out the links at the top of the page to see what kinds of things I can do for you.

More about me:

I grew up in Austin, TX and went to high school at Stony Point in Round Rock, TX. I was in the first class to go all 4 years at what was the new high school at the time from 1999 – 2003. I met friends there that I still talk to now. 

After high school I moved to Dallas, TX where I attended The Art Institute of Dallas for Video Production from 2003 – 2005.

Believe it or not my first job after college was back in Austin, TX as a Sales Manager for a Kirby Vaccum distributor. I probably learned more at this job than any other job in my life as far as learning how to communicate with people, how to sell something, how to close deals, how to run a team, how to run a business. If you want to learn how to run a business go sell Kirby Vaccums for a year.

After closing my own area distributorship after 1 year of working for myself due to disagreements with my factory distributor is when I started my first advertising business called Flautt Print and Deliver. The business plan revolved around graphic design services, print services, and flyer distribution. I had some good clients and in this business is where I learned to generate leads from the internet, follow up on those leads, gain new customers, build solid relationships. Building solid relationships turned out to be the most valuable skill that I ever learned and I don’t think that I would have learned how to do that if it weren’t for the sales and people skills I had learned the years prior.

Due to these solid relationship building skills I was offered a position as an account manager for a book of business worth roughly 3.5 million dollars (annual spend) at Office Depot’s Business Solution’s Division in Austin, TX. Working at Office Depot for nearly 3 years is where I learned the ins and outs of sales force, Microsoft applications, Google applications, and other tools that I could slap on my resume if I ever needed too, like Gmillienia, AOPS, Kronos, Magento, and Print on Demand software.

These jobs make up the bulk of my experience however there were 2 jobs where I learned invaluable skills and I learned them in a surprising industry which was precious metals and numismatics. I worked for wholesalecoinsdirect.com where I managed the website using magento, honed my customer service skills, ran an ebay account, oversaw fullfillment, and built relationships with customers. During this time I learned a fair bit about numismatics and began a relationship with the owner of a local coin shop called Heirloom Jewlery and Coins. When wholesalecoinsdirect.com laid me off I was able to pick up a job there full time as the manager of the coin department where I ran their ebay account. Eventually, a change in the price of gold caused orders for online coin company to shoot through the roof and they called begging for me to come back to work for them, and I did, which was a mistake. If a company ever fires you or lays your off… don’t go back unless you have to, and if you have to make sure you negotiate a higher salary. When I went back business was insane and I was assigned more even more tasks.

Eventually, I grew tired of being overworked, under appreciated, and tired of making someone else rich. This is about the time that I started to plan my strategy to start taking on my own clients doing the things that I was good at and getting paid what I was actually worth.

Fast forward to 2019 and the rest is history. 

Now, I still live in Austin, TX but I have had a live in resident for the past 9 years! My daughter is the light of my life! We spend any free time (which isn’t much #singledadlife) going to the park, hiking, bouncing on trampolines, swimming, and spending time at the aquarium. For halloween this year she wants to be wednesday adams so I will try to get you pictures!

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little more about me and I hope that we can do business together. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all my services so there is no risk here and I am confident you will be more than happy when you see the results of my work for you.

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